"All we need is a logo and a letterhead"


We first joked about going into business together, and then we made it a reality. And though we needed more than a logo and letterhead to actually get a business up and running, we will never forget the initial banter that sparked more conversations that ignited a dream in us both as friends and women ready to quit our day jobs. 

Seven years ago, our entrepreneurial journey began as wedding photographers via Loft Photography LLC. From humble beginnings in our loft office, we grew our business into a full service boutique serving hundreds of happy couples celebrating one of God's best gifts - marriage. 

But, as we've each started families (you'll hear more about the little ladies later), we've traded in destination weddings and late Saturday nights for cartoons, sippy cups and assembling print orders from our online shop.


Abbey Henderson

Hello! Hello! I'm Abbey - wife to Jonathan, mom to Rylee and Hannah, thrift store peruser and lover of all things small business. 

When I'm not working or schlepping the little ladies from home to park, to museum, you'll find me with my head in a book - usually about business, or parenting, or Jesus...or watching the West Wing with my husband, Jonathan. Any CJ fans here? I'm definitely the less organized of the two blondes here at Loft, and I thank God everyday for a business partner who is neat and organized. ha!

Fun facts about me: I lived in South Africa for a summer in college, I love birthdays, so much so I convinced my husband to take me to Italy for part of my birthday month BK (before kids). I spent my 25th birthday week in Florence and Sorrento consuming ungodly amounts of gelato and pasta. I'm a lefty and a morning person through and through, the queen of typos, and tone deaf (like karaoke is my worst nightmare come true). Oh, and I don't pay full price for clothes...ever...Gap 40% off for the win. 


Andrea Martinez

Hey there, I'm Andrea! In another life I’d be a California girl, but I also love calling the Texas hill country home. My husband, Josh, is my favorite person on earth...that is, of course, next to our most recent adventure, our daughter, Ellie. I'm a foodie and coffee connoisseur to a fault. I’ll take cactus over flowers any day, and absolutely love anything southwestern.

I am most definitely the more organized one here at Loft ;). Everyone tells me I'm good at making people laugh so I'll take it, and encouraging others in the midst of hard seasons is something I love to do. The thought of writing my own bio makes me nauseous, so naturally, Abbey wrote most of it for me. Following Jesus, discovering fancy new places to eat, sip coffee, and linger awhile, mid modern living, the beach, and ventures to new places with my crew are just a few of the things that keep me going strong! 

Fun facts about me: I'm currently navigating the waters of life with a babe (one that will.not.sleep.). Those glasses aren't decoration - they are desperately needed. I live and breathe by dry shampoo. What mom actually has time to shower?!