Michelle Boyd x Loft Creative Collaboration

IT'S LIVE Y'ALL!! We are thrilled to finally unveil the Michelle Boyd x Loft Creative Collaboration to you all! Mosey over to Michelle's lovely site to peruse the entire collection. Michelle is a sweet friend of ours, and a fellow former wedding photographer who recently started sharing her painting talent, and the world is a prettier place because of it! We are honored to have had her paint a few of our favorite prints! Hurry over to snatch one for your space before they are gone!

Water Prints Now in the Shop

From our local rivers in the Texas hill country to tropical beach scenes, the newest additions to the print shop have us ready for summer days. Our water series brings a sense of peace to any space. 

These art prints are:

Light + Airy.
Filled with pastel hues. 
Evoking a sense of movement. 

Peruse the new water prints in the shop:

Water Print No. 54
Water Print No. 55
Water Print No. 56
Water Print NO. 57
Water Print No. 60

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Join the Print of the Month Club

Who doesn't love free stuff? And free art? Yes, please! We've been thinking of ways to love on our followers and say 'thank you' for all your encouragement, feedback, and orders. We've bantered back and forth about a few different ideas, and finally landed on The Print of the Month Club. Here's a little peek at the print that just went out to our list for March. This little print will fit perfectly in any California bungalow, southwest inspired living room, or little girl's modern nursery. 


She's already been sent out to our digital pen pals, but anyone who joins our tribe before March 15th will be finding her in their inbox. After that, she's gone, gone, gone! If you don't want to miss April's freebie be sure to hop on our list. We can't give away all the deets but, in the coming months you will be seeing:

Cactus (of course)
Texture/Macro Shots

These art prints will only be available for download for one week after the Print of the Month email goes out! Be sure to grab them then because there won't be any going back to past months downloads (ain't nobody got time for that!). :) 


Cactus Print Gift Sets in the Shop For Christmas!


We just got back from 4 full days in NYC. Let's just say this trip was looooooonnnnnngggg overdue. Time away from the babes was needed, but you all know we were missing those little tots about an hour into our first flight. #momlife

And we returned to the first batch of orders for our new gift print sets up in the Loft Creative Shop. 

Y'all, we are super excited about these print sets. They seriously are the perfect gift for a friend, sister, roomie, mom, or any woman in your life that loves cactus + modern art. And, yes, they are here just in time for your holiday gift list. But, these sets are also perfect for birthdays or any other celebration! You could (and should) even order one for yourself. ;)

Each set includes 3 cactus prints (4x6in or 5x5in, you choose!), and a ROSE GOLD cube photo holder (adorable). They arrive on your doorstep packed up nice and snug in a white box ready to wrap, or gift as is if you dig that minimalist presentation like we do. 

Head on over and peruse the gift sets. Stock is limited so don't delay!!! :)

Abbey & Andrea

Loft Creative On Pinterest

We definitely fell off the Pinterest train somewhere between starting our wedding photography business 6 years ago and having kids. But, y'all, why did we ever stop pinning? We are loving Pinterest right now. It's an endless array of inspiration for home, art, recipes, life + work resources, and so many good things. Not to mention kid activities galore! We're finding ourselves going down the rabbit hole of interior design, art, color love, and travel goals. We'd love for you to follow along!

There are definitely some themes taking shape as we collect pins from a myriad of categories. Blush tones can be found all over our boards (surprise, surprise). But we are also loving the bolder colors that fall is bringing, and the velvet couches and perfect rattan chairs that keep popping up in our feed. If only we didn't have kids ready to destroy every piece of furniture we purchase. :-( 

The dreamiest textiles and the perfect art for your home (some cactus, some not) are just a few of the things we are adding to boards on the Loft Creative Pinterest account. We are also sourcing tons of FREE printable art to sprinkle in with your cactus prints to help you create the perfect gallery wall or complete the decor in your space.

And, let's take a second to talk about avocado dyed EVERYTHING! Have you seen the beautiful pink/purple tones this natural dye creates?! From two not-so-DIY savvy people, it's safe to say we are going to give this one a shot because the colors are unreal.

New Antique Kilim Pillow Covers in the Shop This Week!

Y'all!!!! We just had the best mail day ever. Not only did pretty, pretty print orders come in so we could ship them right back out to their lovely new homes, but we got our second batch of antique kilim pillow covers.

We maaaayyyyy have been a bit click happy as we selected this new batch from our supplier. There are so many pretty soft pastels, pinks, blues, salmon, and neutral tones. The colors are so yummy. 

As always, our email subscribers will be the first to know about new product in the shop so if you want to be the first to know when these one-of-a-kind kilim pillow cases go live later this week sign up for our newsletter and snag some other freebies when you do! 


How to Start + Curate a Gallery Wall

I'm notorious for putting more than enough holes in the wall as I hang artwork. I "eyeball" everything on our walls, and it pretty much drives my meticulous and linear thinking husband crazy to watch me place frames, hammer away and repeat to get it in the "just right" spot.

Hence, I love gallery walls. They make hanging art easy in my opinion. And they also hide all the holes I just put in the walls. But, they can also be a little tricky if you've never created one in your space. 

Today, we are sharing the how-to's for creating a gallery wall that's cohesive and unique all at the same time. 

1. Start with a few anchor frames:

I love choosing one or two pieces of art that serve as the "beginning" of the wall. I dub these anchor frames, and choose to hang them somewhere in the middle or center of the space that will become the gallery collection. In Rylee's room I chose to do a gallery wall of all natural wood frames, and started with a quote in gold foil and a vintage map of Texas in soft pastels. From there you can add balance as you hang pieces around that starting point. 

2. Mix Old and New: 

I love pairing antiquated pieces with new imagery. It can be something as simple as a page of music notes from an old hymnal, a vintage map like the one I have hanging in Rylee's room, or an old magazine cover. I like to incorporate new photographs and prints or quotes that coordinate well with the vintage pieces. 


3. Add meaningful and memorable pieces:

I'm a big believer in making your home base a place you want to come and really "live" in. Consequently, I'm super picky on what I hang on the walls. The pieces need to have meaning for me or my family. Think about this idea when adding art to your gallery wall. One room has a painting done by a friend, another, a hand drawn ink sketch of the city of Florence (my favorite place on earth as of right now). Another a cactus print from our shop because I love bringing the outdoors in via photographs and prints. And yet, another frame holds the words - "and if not, He is still good" from the book of Daniel, words that my husband and I clung too during one of life's hardest seasons for us. I think it's important to sprinkle meaningful pieces throughout you home. Your art will serve you better and bring more joy when you hang pieces that resonate with you. 

4. Pay attention to the inner "irkings": 

Yes, I made that word up. But hear me out. Sometimes I hang art and it just doesn't "feel right". You know what I mean? I have this image from our trip to Europe that is super sentimental to me. I love the colors. It's a spot on the water in Sorrento where I spent my 25th birthday with my husband and some of our closest friends. Every time I look at it, I have all the good feels. But, I hung it next to my bed and it just felt heavy. I think the colors are too strong for the space. For weeks I was trying to convince myself to keep it there because of its sentimental value, but I finally replaced it with another piece that is lighter and airier. And Waaalaaa. It just feels right finally. Those little irks matter. Listen to them! :) 

5. Be okay with the wall being "in process". 

Okay, I know this goes against the perfectionist nature of some people (myself and my business partner, Andrea, included). But, I've found that when I wait for the right pieces to come along I end up loving the way a gallery wall turns out more than when I try to just complete the wall for the sake of it being done. Adding art pieces organically as I find them has definitely brought more joy to the process. This is why I like to start with a few anchor pieces as mentioned above and build out slowly over time. Being "in process" like this isn't for everyone, but it works for us, and I think it's worth a try! :) 

If you want to snag a little freebie for starting your gallery wall you can grab our Free Cactus Art Print right here. It comes ready to print. And if that isn't enough, we've scoured the internet to find other free and affordable printables for your space. Head over to our Pinterest account to see if any of those pieces spark joy in you! 

Kilim Pillows now live in the Shop!

Cacti and Kilim go together like chips & guac (our first love)! We are so excited to be adding some more of our favorite things and expanding our product offerings in the shop for all of you homemakers and great taste-havers!

Love what you see? Snatch one quick - our first shipment of pillows flew off of the shelves at Lot 59, so we only have a small smattering up for grabs online. And if you hadn't already noticed, you can now shop both pillows AND prints right here on our website (we're still hanging out over on Etsy too). 

The Curated Collections - NEW PRODUCT OFFERING

We've been fielding a lot of questions from customers about which prints pair well together. Thank you for sending your thoughts - hearing your feedback/pain points allows us to make adjustments to better serve you and create an even more pleasant shopping experience. Though we must say, it's hard to make it better than perusing the digital aisles of cactus prints and recently added palm babies in the shop. It seriously might be our version of kids in a candy shop. But, just like trying to choose your fave sweets can prove to be problematic (so many choices), we know selecting your favorite prints to adorn your walls can be cause for a shopping crisis.

Have no fear, dears. We've added links within the listings of details and suggestions to other prints in the Etsy shop that go well with the listing being viewed. Just scroll down to the listing's details to get our two cents on pairings to create the perfect art print display for any space. 

BUT, it gets even better. Believe it or not, we've found yet another way to make the shopping experience even sweeter: 

We affectionately call them CURATED COLLECTIONS. 


We are offering sets of already curated prints in 5x7 and 8x10 to start. And you get these pairings at an amazing price to sweeten the deal even more. Curated collections take the guesswork out of creating your gallery wall. We've done the decision making for you! We spend a lot of time staring at these prints, y'all. And we've learned a thing or two about them as we've gotten to know them these past several months. Now head on over and peruse. Your walls will thank you. ;) 

Curated Print Collection No. 1

Curated Print Collection No. 2

Curated Print Collection No 3. 


Free Cactus Art Printable From Loft Creative

Summer is heat.ing.up y'all. So, we are bringing a little of the outdoors in via pretty cactus prints, and checking the 100 degree temps at the door. We added this dainty lady to the shop earlier this summer, and we've got to admit she's one of our faves. Blush negative space is always a good idea in our books. We like her so much we wanted to share her with all our fellow cacti connoisseurs out there. She really does look good on the wall and we'd be tickled pink (see what we did there?) for her to find a home on one of your walls. Go sign up for the newsletter and you'll get her and some other surprise freebies too. :) 

We'd also be so grateful if you told all your friends she's here for the taking. And if you do add her to your space, tag us on insta with #loftcreative & @loftcreative so we can see how she's looking!

Summer Collection in the Shop!

We can't get enough of the summer print collection. Yes, it's July and we just finally got the summer collection up (#momlife, y'all), but there is still so much summer (and the heat to go along with it) left in our neck of the woods - #TexasForever.

In case you missed it in our insta stories over the weekend, we asked for your help in choosing faves for this new collection of prints. And y'all blew us a way with your feedback. THANK YOU a million times over!  

We've got a few more collections coming your way in the next few weeks/months, and #plantsonpink might have something to do with at least a few of the prints hitting the shop soon. 


Loft Creative Prints at Lot 59 in New Braunfels!

Summer is off to a great start, y'all. We aren't only kicking off our usual river days, we are also excited to have our prints in a local shop for the first time! We met Kat, the owner of Lot 59, a few months back, and there was an instant connection. You can seriously get lost in all the wonderful and unique things Kat and her vendors have sourced for customers. If you are in the New Braunfels area you have to stop in at Lot 59. It is full of eclectic antique pieces, fun clothing brands, and handmade products from local creatives. Plus, its right behind Huisache, our all time favorite NB restaurant. Who doesn't love great shopping and good food all in one place?! ;) We have a handful of custom framed prints available and a smattering of loose prints for purchase as well. Head over to Lot 59's insta to take a peek at all the great product available.


Welcome to Loft Creative!

Welcome, friends! We are Abbey and Andrea, friends turned business partners, turned work-at-home moms. Loft Creative was birthed out of a little side project we started while running our wedding photography company, Loft Photography LLC. Starting with an Etsy shop in February of 2016, we decided to test the waters of "print shop owners". 

We quickly fell in love with the brand that was growing and decided it was time to honor this venture and give it a little more space to develop. So here you will find all the prints - though cactus has been the focus, we are excited for some new lines and products coming your way soon.

We've been photographing happy couples since 2010. In 2012, we officially became business partners. Since then, we've photographed over 125 weddings, 2 PGA tour events (what? random, we know), and photographed commercially for large corporations and small businesses alike. 

As we've both started families, our work days have slowed down a bit. We've traded destination weddings for packaging prints in our home offices. We spend most our time knee deep in toys, changing diapers, and wiping runny noses - and we wouldn't have it any other way. Along the way we've learned three things - 1) we are better together (partnerships aren't for everyone, but it works for us), 2) we love creating, and 3) we thrive helping others on their creative business journeys.

So if you are a creative woman starting a home based business, or just want to hear more about what it's like working from home with littles, or if you just want free cactus ;) we'd love for you to sign up for our newsletter where we'll be spilling the beans monthly on lessons learned as small business owners, resources for your growing business, and new cactus in the shop. 

Loft Creative Now Offering Wholesale Lines

After several inquiries about whether or not we offer wholesale, we are so excited to be offering a line of prints for boutiques and stores. Our wholesale prints come wrapped in a clear cellophane sleeve with a white chip board insert for added support ready for display. If you think Loft Creative art prints might be a good fit in your store we'd love for you to contact us via the WHOLESALE INQUIRIES form. And to make it extra easy on you, we've put together a great starter kit with some of the most popular prints from the shop. 



Don't Miss a Thing

We are excited to be rolling out some content in the next few months for all you mamas making home a place to live and work. We'll be chatting cactus prints (duh), but also sharing more about our stories as well as resources to help other women grow their home based businesses. 

We'd love for you to sign up to be the first to know when the blog goes live, when new resources are available for your beginning or growing business, and when new prints and products are added to the shop!