Loft Creative On Pinterest

We definitely fell off the Pinterest train somewhere between starting our wedding photography business 6 years ago and having kids. But, y'all, why did we ever stop pinning? We are loving Pinterest right now. It's an endless array of inspiration for home, art, recipes, life + work resources, and so many good things. Not to mention kid activities galore! We're finding ourselves going down the rabbit hole of interior design, art, color love, and travel goals. We'd love for you to follow along!

There are definitely some themes taking shape as we collect pins from a myriad of categories. Blush tones can be found all over our boards (surprise, surprise). But we are also loving the bolder colors that fall is bringing, and the velvet couches and perfect rattan chairs that keep popping up in our feed. If only we didn't have kids ready to destroy every piece of furniture we purchase. :-( 

The dreamiest textiles and the perfect art for your home (some cactus, some not) are just a few of the things we are adding to boards on the Loft Creative Pinterest account. We are also sourcing tons of FREE printable art to sprinkle in with your cactus prints to help you create the perfect gallery wall or complete the decor in your space.

And, let's take a second to talk about avocado dyed EVERYTHING! Have you seen the beautiful pink/purple tones this natural dye creates?! From two not-so-DIY savvy people, it's safe to say we are going to give this one a shot because the colors are unreal.